Morna Patrick ( Director / Consultant ) was born In South Africa , and grew up in Johannesburg. Joined the Fire Brigade at age 19 , and began her studies in Firefighting and Paramedics. She went on to study Hazardous Materials Incidents and control and studied her Hazardous Materials Technician to complete her emergency services training She was a strong leader, worked hard and rose the ranks to Senior Firefighter by the age of 22 , working full time.

She left emergency services for a year and a half and went to Thailand and started a small English school. After working with medics from all over the world when the Tsunami Hit on Boxing Day 2004 , She headed off to Ireland , and re-qualified as an E.M.T. She worked on the Ambulances in Dublin and Galway. 

Morna then got a job with Shell Ireland to set up an emergency response team on a extremely remote site in the West of Ireland where emergency service were hours away. After a successful completion of this project , Fletcher Construction interviewed her in London and gave her a job in NZ for the Hobson Tunnel in Auckland as the health and Safety Coordinator , later becoming Manager. 
After completing this project She wasn't wanting to do the corporate thing (Which is where it was heading) and had by now, first hand experience in the trials and gaps in the system for smaller contractors.Smaller contractors that cant afford full time assistance, or don't want to sign up to some binding contract , or have no one to really call for assistance in the safety arena and usually throw it in the too hard basket. 

Morna Decided to start her own business providing help for the smaller guys, at a price they could afford, and with slow and steady mentoring with face to face help. Many of her companies that started with very little safety systems have gone on to win awards and high scores on pre-qualification's and certifications. Many current clients have been with her since the beginning and still use her services on a monthly Basis. 
Health and Safety Solutions is now operating in the Bay of Plenty Area, as well as the Wellington and Kapiti Coast areas with more than 60 companies on the books.

Degrees, Qualifications & Courses –
2010 – 2016 – All NZ Training

Accident and investigation (TOSHA)-2012

Supervisor Gold Card – Site Safe Refresher – Annually
Risk Assessment and Hazard Identification – (Site Safe) 2015
NZITO Approved – Confined Space Instructor/moderator- NZQA
NGO Management Certificate –Te Huinge Social Service
Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety – (TOSHA)
Understanding hazards in Confined Space US/NZ 18426
Plan to Enter Confined Space US/NZ 17599
Safety Observer US/NZ 17596
Asbestos Awareness and recognition – MBIE/ Worksafe NZ
Atmospheric Testing to confirm safe working conditions US/NZ 25510
Occupational Health and Safety Certificate (TOSHA)
Drug Awareness for employees
Drug Awareness for supervisors (METHCON)
Working with instruments containing Radiation
Workplace assessors NZQA 4098 / 11281 /18203
Emergency medic  NZQA 6401/6402/6400
Coordinated Incident Management
Civil defence emergency NZQA 528
USAR Awareness course – Whakatane Rural Fire
Health and Safety workplace requirements – NZQA  497
Urban Search and Rescue  Awareness Course – NZQA 18516
Coordinated incident management systems CIMS – NZQA 17279
Treaty of Waitangi in the workplace and classroom – Te Huine KEA

2008 – 2009
Supervisor gold card (site safe NZ)
Dogman, sling and communication during crane ops. (NZ)
Driver awareness and training (NZ) Methcon
Presentation skills for managers (David Nottage) (NZ)
Drug Awareness for supervisors (NZ)

2005 – 2007
(2.5 Years of Bachelor of Science (Phycology) BSc (Phych) – Queens Belfast)
Safe Pass course 2006 (Ire)
Advanced Safety Leadership 2006 (Ire)
Conflict management course 2006  (Ire)
Irish Ambulance familiarisation 2005(Ire)
Emergency. Medical Technician. 2005 (Ire)
PHECC Exam 2005 (Ire) (Pre Hospital Emergency Care Council)
CPR and 12 lead ECG interpretation 2005(Ire)
NEBOSH Certificate –General Cert in Occ H&S Ireland 2007

2001 – 2004
Training the trainer (Thailand teaching)
Promotion Senior Fire fighter (SA)
Advanced Emergency Assistant updates (EMTA) (SA)
Hazmat technician (SA)
Fire fighter 2 (NFPA) (SA) (9 months full time)
Hazmat Operational Technician  (SA)
Advanced Emergency Assistant (equiv EMTA)(SA)

1993 - 2000
Hazmat Awareness (SA)
Fire fighter 1 (NFPA) (SA) (6 Months full time)
Occupation health and safety (SA)
Basic Ambulance Assistant equivalent (EMT) (SA)